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2019-20 Course Revitalization Grant Proposal Content and Questions

The content and questions that encompass the Proposal Submission Form are listed below.  Please be prepared to answer these questions when submitting a proposal.

Background Information:

  1. Institution
  2. Course
  3. Course Enrollment (Annual for 2017-18)
  4. Course ABC Grade Percentage

Revitalization Team Information:

  1. Total Team Members
  2. Name, email and phone number of Lead Faculty Team Member
  3. Name(s), email(s) and phone number(s)  of Other Team Members

Grant Proposal Questions:

  1. Describe the revitalized course in its complete implementation, especially how it differs from the traditional course.
  2. Explain the academic problems that the revitalized course addresses.
  3. Explain how the revitalized course will enhance student learning and improve student success.
  4. Describe the pilot phase and its project objectives.
  5. Outline all of the steps that will be required to complete the project.
  6. Explain the formative evaluation methods (reflective process used to measure and improve the quality of student learning during the pilot phase).
  7. Explain the summative evaluation methods (reflective process used to measure the effectiveness of course-delivery methods in achieving project objectives).
  8. Identify who is required to take the course.
  9. Is this redesign part of a collaborative with another submission? If so, please identify which one and discuss the nature of the collaboration.
  10. Does this revitalization incorporate interventions based around the research on Universal Design for Learning and Growth & Fixed Mindset feedback. (Please see the following for more information on the nature of these interventions: ,
  11. Does this revitalization incorporate the integration of high impact pact practices or/and online instruction with accessibility.  Resources and defintions can be found at the following sites:

    Quality Assurance Tool:

    AAC&U Value Rubrics:

    HIP Taxonomies:


We will no longer be accepting proposals via this website.  We are implementing a grants awarding and tracking system.  Submission information will be posted in JAnuary 2019.  Questions can be directed by email to  All proposals are to be submitted by 4:30 PM CST, on March 13 2019.  More information for the 2019-20 cycle can be found here.