Tennessee Pathways

Tennessee Pathways creates alignment between K-12, postsecondary education and employers so that students have a clear and guided pathway to move seamlessly into the workforce.

Alongside Tennessee’s landmark tuition-free college grant programs—Tennessee Promise and Tennessee Reconnect—Tennessee Pathways directly supports the Drive-to-55 goal of equipping at least 55 percent of Tennesseans with a college degree or certificate by 2025.

How does it work?

Tennessee Pathways is structured around three key elements to support student enrollment and success in postsecondary programs:

  • High-quality college and career advisement throughout K-12
  • Rigorous early postsecondary and work-based learning opportunities in high school
  • Seamless vertical alignment between K-12, postsecondary programs, and career opportunities as a result of effective partnerships among school districts, higher education institutions, employers and community organizations
 Tennessee Pathways Certification

Tennessee Pathways Certification

The Tennessee Pathways Certification, a designation for school districts and their partners, recognizes strong alignment between high school pathways, local or regional postsecondary programs, and high-quality employment opportunities across the state. Since 2019, the Tennessee Pathways team has certified 281 pathways in every region of the state.

Tennessee Pathways Impact

Learn more about the impact of the Tennessee Pathways team across the state. This summary includes information on pathways across Tennessee, innovative partnership activities with employers, postsecondary institutions, and community organizations, an overview of the regional coordinator role, and Tennessee Pathways Certification data.

Tennessee Pathways Impact Summary

Tennessee Pathways Data Dashboard


The Tennessee Pathways Data Dashboard enables users to locate and access more specific information about Certified Tennessee Pathways across the state. The dashboard highlights pathways available to high school students as well as K-12 districts’ employer and postsecondary partnerships and how they prepare students for college and career. This dashboard is updated regularly as new participants are engaged and new pathways earn the certification. Reference the Tennessee Pathways Data Dashboard Guide linked below for more information on how our data is captured and shared and how to navigate the dashboards.

 Tennessee Pathways Certification


Tennessee Pathways Employer Engagement Tracker

The Employer Engagement Tracker (EET) serves as an expansion to the Tennessee Pathways Certification data by providing additional information on how employer partners engage with districts and pathways, as well as how students can leverage these partnerships through their pathway and career exploration. Data within the EET identifies 16 unique engagement strategies, how these strategies can be combined, and how partnerships collaborate to provide full, cyclical career exploration and experiences for students. The EET is intended to be used by a variety of audiences. Students and families can explore their own pathway partners. Likewise, employer partners, whether new or existing, can assess how peer companies engage with K-12 students and expand their workforce pipeline.

Tennessee Pathways Team

The Tennessee Pathways team is made up of two program directors and nine regional coordinators. Program directors’ primary focus is statewide district-postsecondary partnerships and district & industry engagement. Regional coordinators are housed at local TBR institutions in Tennessee’s nine economic development and labor regions. Coordinators foster partnerships between school districts, local colleges, and employers that help students get a head start on completing their degrees or industry credentials.

2020 Tennessee Pathways Certification Recognition

On April 20, 2021, Tennessee Pathways welcomed stakeholders and partners to the 2020 Tennessee Pathways Certification Recognition Event to honor the new Tennessee Certified Pathways. In total, 51 school districts, representing a 159 pathways were recognized as well as 7 Tennessee Pathways Partners of the Year, representing our cross-sector partnerships in postsecondary and industry. A recording of the virtual event is available for viewing.

How can I get involved?

To learn more about Tennessee Pathways follow us on Twitter @TN_Pathways, or contact Tennessee.Pathways@tbr.edu.