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Faculty Learning Community

Faculty Learning Community Initiative

The Faculty Learning Community (FLC) initiative at TBR is designed to bring together groups of faculty (1-2 per institution) who are interested in focusing on a particular teaching and learning issue for a full academic year. There will be four (4) FLC groups that faculty can participate in during the 2017-18 academic year. The System approach to FLCs for 2017 is to convene FLC members in a virtual environment (D2L course) on a monthly basis with two face-to-face meetings. Faculty members who participate in the System-level FLC initative (called "lead faculty") are asked to create campus-based FLCs that will engage additional faculty in institional conversations around the same focus area. As such, lead faculty in each FLC will be responsible for creating a culture of collaboration not only with faculty at other TBR institutions, but also among peers at their own institution.

Focus Areas for Year 1

  • Mindset
  • First Year Seminars/Experience
  • Civic Engagement/Service Learning
  • ePortfolio

2017-2018 Proposed Calendar of Events

Regional ePortfolio Faculty Development (May 2017)

Campus Nominations for FLC (1-2 Lead Reps per Campus)

Regional FLC Convenings

Middle TN: October 2 @ TBR System Office

East TN: October 4 @ Walters State

West TN: October 6 @ Southwest TN

FLC Lead Reps. institute Campus Learning Communities

D2L Course Launch for FLC Lead (September 2017)

November D2L Discussion/Assignment

December D2L Discussion/Assignment

January 2018 Statewide FLC Conference (6-8 Reps per Campus)

February D2L Discussion/Assignment

March D2L Discussion/Assignment

April D2L Discussion/Assignment

Awarding of “badges” for completion; summer travel grants awarded (Late April 2018)