Annual Enrollment

Annual Enrollment Transfer Period

The Annual Enrollment Transfer Period is Thursday, October 1, 2021 - Friday, October 15, 2021 at 4:30 p.m. CST, with changes effective January 1, 2022.  This is the only time of the year when participants can make changes in their insurance coverage. The only exception is for individuals enrolled who have a Qualifying Event.

During the annual enrollment transfer period, Tennessee Board of Regents employees may do the following:  

  • Choose your health insurance option
  • Choose your health insurnace carrier and network
  • Enroll in, cancel or transfer between dental options (if eligible)
  • Enroll in, cancel or transfer between vision options (if eligible)
  • Enroll in or cancel optional accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage (if eligible)
  • Apply for, cancel, increase or decrease optional term life coverage amounts (if eligible)
  • Enroll in Flexible Benefits - (enroll annually)
  • Enroll in short-term disability insurance
  • Enroll in long-term disability insurance
  • Refer to the PDF icon 2022 Benefits Newsletterfor more detailed information regarding annual enrollment
  • Refer to the File 2022 TBR Benefits Guidefor information on vision, flexible spending account, AFLAC supplemental insurance, long term disability, optional term life insurance, and long term care.  

All eligible employees are sent information on available healthcare options, premiums, a listing of benefits charges, service areas and vendor changes for the upcoming year.

The options you choose during the enrollment period take effect the following January 1.  After annual enrollment, in most cases you can only add or cancel coverage if you lose eligiiblity or have a qualifying event or family status change during the year.

Please watch the following short how-to videos for logging in to Edision and selecting/changing your benefit elections:

Logging into Edison for the 1st Time

How to Log-In to Edison When You've Forgotten Your Password

How to Log-In Edison When You've Forgotten Your Access ID

Select and Enroll in Benefits in Edison

Benefit Changes for 2022

  •  All health carriers and network options, except for the addition of BCBS Network P, remain the same for 2022. 
  • There are premium increases for health plans for 2022. 
  • Dental plan premiums decrease in 2022 and there is a new carrier, Delta Dental.
  • Short Term Disabaility premiums decrease in 2022.
  • During the annual enrollment period, you MUST choose your flexible spending accounts (FSA) dollar amounts if you want to contribute money to them for 2022.

Health Insurance - 2022

Dental Insurance - 2022

Vision Insurance - 2022

Short-Term Disability - 2022

The LTD Open Enrollment is October 1 - October 16.  During this open enrollment period, the following allowed changes can occur (all terms and conditions of the policy will apply):

  • Employees that are currently participating may decrease their level of coverage during the open enrollment period without completing Evidence of Insurability (EOI).  They do this online with Lincoln Financial.
  • Employees who failed to enroll when first eligible may apply for coverage during the open enrollment period by applying on-line with Lincoln Financial.  Coverage will be effective once approved by Lincoln Financial. 
  • Employees may voluntarily terminate coverage at this time.  Employees who terminate coverage will be considered a late entrant if they decide to reenter the plan during a subsequent open enrollment period.

Enrollment, and reducing or waiving coverage will be done on-line through the Lincoln Financial enrollment portal at

HSA (Health Savings Account)

To enroll in or make a change to your existing HSA payroll deductions, please complete the following form.

FSA (Flexible Spending Account)