Educational Assistance Programs

The Tennessee Board of Regents is committed to the need for the continued professional growth and development of employees. Providing educational assistance for personnel and their dependents is an important vehicle for addressing that need. The availability of programs for TBR employees and dependents is subject to funds being budgeted and available within the institution/technology center/central office. 

The Office of Human Resources is responsible for the administration of the various programs with the exception of the program for dependents of veterans (B-061) and two programs offered to general state employees and the dependents of licensed teachers and state employees (B-062).  Exceptions to the provisions of the programs for TBR employees can be made upon recommendation of the president/director and approval by the chancellor.

Types of Support for Educational Assistance

Complete eligibility information is contained within each guideline. The programs are as follows and the form is at 

Educational Assistance for TBR Employees

  • Faculty or Administrative/Professional Staff Grant-in-Aid Program
  • Faculty, Administrative/Professional, and Clerical Staff Tuition or Maintenance Fee Reimbursement Program
  • Fee Waiver/Audit or Non-Credit for TBR/UT System Employees Program

Educational Assistance for Spouse and Dependents of TBR Employees

  • Fee Discount for Spouse and/or Dependent Children Program

Other Educational Assistance Programs

  • Veterans’ Dependents’ Post-Secondary Education Program
  • Age 65 or Above Program