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Office of Business and Finance Human Resources

Optional Employee Benefits

TBR offers a wide range of optional or voluntary benefits to employees and their families . Optional benefits available include:

Deferred Compensation Plans

TBR employees are eligible for are three optional, tax-deferred retirement savings plans: a 457 plan, 403 (b) and a 401(k) plan. If you choose to participate in either or both of these plans, you make contributions through regular payroll deductions. You may compare plans and obtain prospectuses and fund profile sheets for the available investment options from the Tennesee Department of Treasury's Deferred Compensation Program

College Savings Plans

College Savings Plans offers parents, family and friends an opportunity to set aside funds for a child's future education costs.

TN Stars 529 Program

Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) to help you save money on your eligible medical and dependent care expenses. A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is an IRS-approved, tax-free account that saves you money on eligible medical and dependent care expenses. By enrolling in Flexible Spending Accounts, you authorize per-pay-period deposits to your FSA from your before-tax salary. Then, as you incur eligible expenses, you request tax-free withdrawals from your account to reimburse yourself. There are two kinds of FSAs: a Medical Expense FSA and a Dependent Care FSA. If you incur both types of expenses, you can establish both accounts. You never have to pay federal or state income and Social Security taxes on the money you contribute to your FSA. Since you pay less in taxes, you have more spendable income. 

Long-Term Care

Long-term care is a variety of services provided when an individual is unable to take care of themselves without the assistance of others due primarily to an injury, chronic illness, advanced age or cognitive impairment. Long-term care insurance is provided through MedAmerica Insurance Company. For more information, visit the Benefits Administration’s Long-term Care Insurance.

Long-Term Disability

Long-term Disability (LTD) benefits provide you with loss of income protection if you become disabled form a covered sickness or accidental bodily injury. Your elimination period is the period of time you must be disabled before benefits become payable. There are three options to choose from: 

  • Option 1:   90 Days
  • Option 2: 180 Days
  • Option 3:   90 Days
  • Option 4: 180 Days

Benefit percentage/maximum & minimum monthly benefits differ depending on employment class:

Life Insurance

Basic Group Term Life Insurance

The State provides the first $20,000 in coverage at no cost.  Employees who choose State-sponsored health insurance are eligible for higher coverage levels and they pay the premium costs for coverage over $20,000.  The maximum benefit amount is $50,000.  In addition, their eligible dependents (spouse and children) are covered for $3,000.

Basic Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

The State provides the first $40,000 in coverage at no cost.  Employees who chose State-sponsored health insurance are eligible for higher coverage levels and they pay the premium costs for coverage over $40,000.  The maximum benefit amount is $100,000.  In addition, their dependents (spouse and children) are eligible for basic accident insurance coverage, with the amount based on the employee's salary and family composition.

Optional Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Employees can choose optional accident insurance coverage for themselves and their dependents (spouse and children).  This is in addition to their basic accidental coverage.  They pay the full premium for this coverage.  Coverage amount is based on salary and the maximum benefit amount is $60,000 for employees.  Coverage amounts for spouse and children are based on salary and family composition.

Optional Term Life Insurance

  • If you qualify, you may be able to purchase optional coverage from Minnesota Life for yourself and your dependent spouse and children
  • If you are currently enrolled and are eligible for employee guaranteed issues increase, information will be mailed to you.
  • If you and/or your dependent spouse are not presently enrolled, you will be required to present evidence of insurability through a health questionnaire.

Enroll through the Minnesota Life website at Life Benefits - State of Tennessee.

Supplemental Insurance

The American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus (AFLAC), offers policies that pay cash benefits to you for loss of earnings and other out-of-pocket expenses associated with an illness or accident. These cash benefits can be used to help fill the gaps in your primary health care plan. Policies offered to TBR employees include: Cancer, Accident, Hospital Indemnity, Personal Sickness Indemnity and Critical Illness. Download the PDF icon AFLAC Supplemental Insurance Brochure to review these policies.  

Vision Insurance

Eyecare and eyewear services are provided by Eye Med.  

EyeMed Vision Care